Photoshop trial-edit

I was out in the fall-weather and shot some pictures of my partner. I’m a complete beginner in photoshop so I am getting to know the program. Here is the shot of the day.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to shoot the planned sessions, but they are coming so stay tuned!

By the way I was looking into some cameras to buy and I couldn’t take my mind of Canon EOS 60D after hours and hours of watching reviews. Anyone who has it? What do you think about it? Is it worth the money? The camera I’m using right now is Nikon D60.

Photoshop CS6

Today 11.10.2012 I finally got photoshop CS6! So at almost 2 AM, I am still sitting and experimenting. Just learned to do a watermark, which is quite amazing to have on your photograph instead of some text in the corner people can cut out and claim as their own. So here is my first example with CS6. By the way I love the features, just takes time and patience to learn everything. Tell me what you think!