Photosession in the basement with my man. Here is the plan by the way. Both of us are starting to work out at the gym from tomorrow on. And the plan is to take before and after-photos. Now today we didn’t have so much time for more an extended session. We do it just for fun. Hope you enjoy our pictures!

I can actually recommend taking pictures of each other for several reasons. First of all it’s fun! Second it’s a couple thing which brings you closer to each other and third – you never know what may happen after the sessions with your photographer 😉

Photoshop trial-edit

I was out in the fall-weather and shot some pictures of my partner. I’m a complete beginner in photoshop so I am getting to know the program. Here is the shot of the day.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to shoot the planned sessions, but they are coming so stay tuned!

By the way I was looking into some cameras to buy and I couldn’t take my mind of Canon EOS 60D after hours and hours of watching reviews. Anyone who has it? What do you think about it? Is it worth the money? The camera I’m using right now is Nikon D60.